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The application

Thermography is a method of non-contact detection and evaluation of thermal radiation invisible to the human eye, the so-called infrared radiation, of an object or body. Thermography is used in research, manufacturing, production preparation, acceptance and preventive maintenance.

The process

The component is irradiated with infrared rays and thus the internal thermal conductivity properties of the component can be made visible. The infrared image changes due to inhomogeneities or cracks and the defect can be seen on the thermographic image.

The advantages

Passive thermography enables the acquisition, comparison and measurement of an actual thermal condition without additional excitation sources. It covers the areas of machine diagnostics, electrical thermography, building thermography and plant thermography.

In active thermography, a heat flow is excited in the test object. This makes defects in the component visible.

Thermography is a non-contact, imaging and therefore very fast NDT method with which even complex geometries can be inspected with little effort.



Joint strength with our partner company ⇒ 1 solution for you.

After smallest accidents CFK can break / tear internally, which cannot be recognized with a purely external view. Our BMW i3 has been completely thermographically tested.

Verified proof for testing inhomogeneities in CFRP.

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